The Darul Qasim summer session begins July 9th. Intensive courses in Arabic, Islamic studies, and Qurʾān recitation are being offered by Darul Qasim’s faculty. The Arabic courses will focus on morphology (ṣarf) and grammar (naḥw) at an introductory level, aiming to give students the ability to explain and dissect basic verb formulations and sentences by the end of the session. The Islamic studies course will focus on an understanding of ʿaqīdah through Ilāhiyyāt (the study of God), Nubuwwāt (the function of Prophethood), and Samʿiyyāt (eschatology), along with the basics of the fiqh of ṣalāh.

A special summer session of the Islamic Studies Essentials online course is also being offered. ISE101 will introduce students to an understanding and definition of what Islam is, followed by an introduction to the Islamic intellectual tradition. No prior knowledge of Arabic is necessary for the online program.