Throughout the month of July, Darul Qasim was fortunate to have hosted Dr. Issam Eido, Senior Lecturer in Arabic Languages and Literatures at Vanderbilt University for a number of courses at our Glendale Heights campus. He is a distinguished scholar from Syria with numerous publications whose research focuses on the Qurʾān, Ḥadīth Studies, Sufism, and Semitic languages. During his month at Darul Qasim, Dr. Eido taught courses in Shamā’il Tirmidhī, and the Sunnah section of Abū Bakr al-Jaṣṣāṣ al-Rāzī’s al-Fuṣūl fī al-Uṣūl in Arabic, along with seminars on Qurʾānic studies in Western academia and Ḥadīth criticism (muṣṭalaḥ) in English. His courses dealt with issues such as the Ḥanafī madhab’s application of Ḥadīth in legal theory, and the historical development of fields such as Ḥadīth, fiqh, and Qurʾānic studies and were well-attended by both students and teachers at Darul Qasim, as well as members of the community.