In the Warmth of the Shade is a collection of forty poems by a member of the Darul Qasim community presented in three sections: Creator, Creation, and The Best of Creation. Some poems are stories or historical accounts, others are supplications, and still others offer a peek into the breadth and depth of the Islamic faith and tradition. The title of the anthology takes from one of the poems. All of the poems are written in a variety of traditional poetic forms.

Muslim readers will rediscover aspects of the oral Islamic tradition passed down over the generations and find a reaffirmation of those values of their faith that have come to be eroded through literalist interpretations. Non-Muslim readers will find a soft yet no-holds-barred introduction to what Muslim thinking and preoccupation is. In contrast to most English poetry published today in the broad and amorphous category of free verse, these poems employ rhyme and meter for an enjoyable read even as they deliver their deeper meanings.

In the Warmth of the Shade is for readers of all ages who are interested in consuming classical English poetry drawing themes from everyday Islamic precepts and traditions. Older readers will find their common understanding of Islamic themes and prophetic traditions either challenged or reinforced, as the case may be. Younger readers will find in these poems an enjoyable read. Rhyme lends a sense of whimsy to each poem. The rich meters (iambic, anapestic, hybrids), and the choice of words that make their recitation easy on the tongue, will make these poems an attractive read to young children.

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