On April 7th, 2018 Shaykh Amin gave a presentation at the Theosophical Society in Wheaton on the Theosophy of Ibn ʿArabī. The presentation covered a general overview of Ibn ʿArabī’s life and views, and concluded with a critical reading of a poem from his Fuṣūṣ al-Ḥikam. The presentation covered the centrality of love in Ibn ʿArabī’s understanding of creation, the use of feminine hermeneutics in the Qurʾān, and his understanding of Allah’s simultaneous transcendence and immanence. Shaykh Amin was joined in his presentation by Marcia Hermansen, Professor of Islamic World Studies at Loyola University Chicago, and Azam Nizamuddin, attorney and Adjunct Professor at Loyola University Chicago.